Karen Alpert

Karen Alpert is a long time member of Qld Spinners Weavers & Fibre Artists. She has mastered many forms of spinning, including lace and art yarns and is an accomplished knitter, winning regularly at local shows for her lace work.




Bec Anderson

Bec Andersen is a practicing textile artist with a background in industrial design She creates unique, wool hand-tufted rugs with naturally dyed fibre. Based at North Tamborine Bec practices her own unique art of rug-making using techniques learned in Canada and Germany. Her aim is to make textile pieces that are beautiful, functional, hardwearing pieces of art. http://www.becandersen.com/index.html


Biggan Ryd-Dups

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Biggan Ryd-Dups is a world-renowned designer whose passion for colour and timeless design has seen her garments featured in knitting magazines all over the world. Biggan also enjoys teaching and has shared her expertise with knitters in Europe, the US, and Australia. Her signature method of continental knitting is a traditional Scandinavian technique, which is very fast and puts less strain on the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Trained in Sweden, Biggan brings her world class design skills to the Australian market with her range of 100% Australian Fine Merino yarns in 64 vibrant colours.



Mary Elizabeth Barron

Mary Elizabeth Barron is a Gold Coast based visual artist who came to art later in life after raising her family. Mary Elizabeth has always been creative with a focus on sewing and craft, In 2005 she enrolled with the Brisbane School of Distance Education to complete grade 12 Art. From there she has devoted herself to her creative life, practicing, teaching and living her art.
Mary Elizabeth’s opened her first solo exhibition at the end of 2006. She ran a community art project funded with a RADF Grant in 2012, has been the subject of a mini documentary on ABC Open and has been featured in Textile Fibre Forum Magazine and the book, Textiles: The Art of Mankind’ by Mary Schoeser.
Creatively reusing waste products, particularly household waste, has been important to her since childhood so it is only natural that it now forms the basis for most of her arts practice. She continues to exhibit in both solo and group exhibitions.



Natalie Billing
working potrait

Natalie Billing is a local Brisbane artist whose artwork focuses on memory. After many years creating sculptures and installations nationally in both the public and private sectors she recently began exploring eco dyeing as a chemical memory. Nat is an active member of QSWFA and has been tutoring for us and at other venues throughout Brisbane
She uses 2 different eco dyeing techniques: a fast brew when the leaves act as stencils and a slow brew where the leaves create the prints.




Jacqueline Damon

Jacquie Damon studied textile, fashion and pattern design in New Zealand. In 1989 she moved to the United States where she worked as a designer. In the mid 90′s Jacquie created her own label and in 2001 she returned to Australia to develop a custom fitted line of jackets and coast.
And then Jacquie discovered felting and what a difference it’s made!! She loves working with merino wool in all it’s micron’s taking inspiration from local Australian fibre artist Wendy Bailey. Amazed by the incredible versatility and almost endless possibilities of felting she has dived into the felting world heart first and is passionate about sharing her love of this craft.


Johanna Geurin

Johanna began her millinery training in 1998. She developed and refined her skills in the traditional methods of model millinery and blocking, which gave her the foundations on which to create her own millinery style.
In 2004 Johanna decided to step back from full-time millinery to study theatre production. This further developed her interest in costume and soft-prop design & construction while continuing to design and make couture millinery.
Johanna has spent time in London where she displayed her work at Covent Garden and exclusive millinery boutiques in Richmond-Upon-Thames, Fulham, and Bristol. She has also sold through The Hat Shop in New York City. More recently Johanna was named the RAW Australia accessories designer for Queensland in 2013. She is now based in Brisbane, running workshops in Brisbane and Toowoomba in addition to selling via www.johannaguerin.com and select markets.


Chantelle Hills

Chantelle is the owner and builder of a new fibre arts supplies business, Fiberific. A business all about fibres and yarns and what can be made with them. She crochets, knits, spins, dyes, weaves, felts, designs and teaches. Crochet is one of her passions with a host of experience in doing and teaching.





Kate Jefferay

Kate Jefferay is a crafter, small business owner and craft educator. With a background of over 10 years in adult education Kate is using this experience to pass on her knowledge of a range of crafts – from knitting and crochet, to weaving, macramé and stitching. Kate has turned her hand to just about anything that can be done with fabric or fibre and enjoys sharing these skills with others – learning new tricks and techniques along the way.
Kate’s business, My Aunty Anna sells a range of hand crafted dolls, toys and other small items that are made using mainly pre-loved materials. Vintage and thrifted fabrics, trims and notions are carefully selected to create pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Sandra Pearce
Sandra Pearce_Artist Portrait_smal_Colour

Sandra focusses her art practice on working with paper and natural fibres, gathering natural materials like spent plant fibres and animal traces. She uses these materials in her art, forming sculptural works, using them as natural dyes for paper or incorporating them in her printmaking processes.
Sandra specialises in the printmaking technique of monoprinting – she relishes the painterly effects and atmospheric images that can be created with a good dose of serendipity to take
away total control of the outcome. She likes to use plant materials, stencils and other found objects to develop images on paper, creating layers of rich colour and flowing marks and is interested in the shape of things, squiggly lines and delicious textures.
With the images and objects created, Sandra seeks to describe her perceptions and relationship with the natural world, rather than try to replicate it in a representational manner. For Sandra, the repetition and accumulation of organic motifs compound meaning and composition is often improvised in the process of execution, injecting a feeling of spontaneity and free expression into the work.



Tricia Smout

Tricia Smout is a registered teacher (BA, BSc, Grad Dip Art Ed), and she has been teaching Artist Books, Calligraphy and Paper Crafts in TAFE colleges, community venues, primary schools and high schools for over twenty-five years.
As a practising multi-media artist she works with all types of textiles – fibres, paper, yarns and fabrics. She enjoys exploring the tactile qualities of the materials and playing with textures and colour combinations.
Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Queensland, interstate and overseas, and has also been published in internationally-renowned journals. Her artworks have been purchased by institutions and private collectors in Australia, the United Kingdom, America and Asia. She undertakes corporate commissions and has won various awards.



Ursula Stehle

Ursula Stehle is a professional handweaver from Switzerland with extensive experience in over 30 different looms. She was fortunate to guide a weaving studio for intellectually disabled people where developed amazing problem solving skills, endless patience with inspirational and happy clients.
Ursula manages her growing yarn and weaving supply business, BB Yarns. Through her business she offers and online weaving workshop and with her QSWFA workshop she provides an exclusive hands on learning experience in weaving.



Rachel Wardrup

Rachel has been making paper for almost 10 years now and loves the fact that every batch of new paper is different! She uses both recycled paper and plant fibres and loves brewing natural materials in her cauldron to create beautiful textured papers. She is an experienced workshop facilitator who loves seeing the wonder and creativity unfolding in every student.
Rachel has recently fallen in love with eco-dyeing and is delving deep into the colours nature gives us on paper and fabric and is very excited to be sharing her love of paper making. She is looking forward to meeting you at one of the many wonderful QSWFA workshops.