Clippings Newsletters 2013

Clippings Newsletters 2012
The current year’s editions of Clippings will be linked here at least one month after publication.

5 Responses to Clippings Newsletters 2013

  1. Robyn Magers says:

    Hi Jenny
    My member number is 407. I have not received November or December clippings.
    Can you please email it or a link when published.

    Many thanks


    • jen says:

      Hi Robyn – I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have received November’s Clippings – your email address is definitely on the list. Can you please check your spam/junk mail filters to make sure it wasn’t blocked? We are using a new email software to send out Clippings, so it’s possible that your email program thought it was spam!

      Here’s the link to the November Clippings –

      Please let me know if you don’t get the December issue and we’ll take another look.


  2. Kath Means says:

    Hi Jen I too am a new member #314 but I also did not receive a Dec newsletter. I did check my junk box but could not see it. I was not sure if meetings continue through Dec and Jan as other months? Thanks for the assistance. Kath

    • jen says:

      Hi Kath – I did check, and you’re on the list so you should receive the update emails. Please let me know if you don’t receive the next bulletin (should be in the next couple of days) and I’ll look into it further for you.


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