Basketcases – February Activities

MEETING Sunday 3.2.2013.

This was our first meeting for the year and the hall was a buzz with conversations as we caught up with one another after the long break. Some weaving actually started after we were fortified with our morning coffee.

Robyn used up fibre that had been dampened for a workshop she ran at Club Elements. The fibre, Dracaena marginata, does not take kindly to being dampened too many times. A small garlic basket has emerged from the workshop left overs.

Jenni finished off two small baskets made from salvaged rope collected on her local beach. Both had been coiled and stitched from un-pulled rope threads. She then started a 4 over 4 with spokes of palm inflorescence and weavers of banana fibre.

Jenni kindly brought some shells, pieces of coral and small pebbles from her beach to share with everyone.

Mary started a coiled piece, using seams cut from old clothes. These were stitched with crochet cotton.

Angela continued with a pumpkin basket which she started many moons ago. She had found a stash of day lily twine which she was using. The weaving started after an hour spent talking and waffling with everyone.

George started a basket which is a flattened melon basket shape. It will have side handles. The frame was grape vine and the weavers plaited cardamom. She also brought along a very lovely little basket made with Alex spokes and woven with Aristea leaves. It had an unusual finish with the spokes bound together in groups of three above the weaving.

Glenys coiled a basket using blue/brown silk from an old 50’s scarf over a core of rope.

Doris started a large crazy weave basket using the star jasmine vine which was harvested the day before and still had the leaves attached.

Floss made a small 4 over 4 basket from Alexander palm inflorescence spokes and twined with banana and bullrush. She brought along two baskets she had completed – one made from colourful rope found washed up on the beach, the other a tall donut shape made from cane and seagrass.

Nat ran around talking Fibre Fest and did very little! She did manage to plait some eco dyed jute string.

Jill did more talking than weaving also, however shd did manage to do a crazy weave mixed fibre basket.

March meeting
In the Auditorium at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha.
As usual a couple of the Basket Cases will be sitting weaving outside the entrance to the auditorium
THE MEETING WILL BE HELD IN THE DEMONSTRATION AREA which is the covered area tp the right of the main entrance to the auditorium.
– join us there

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