Basketcases – November Activities

MEETING Sunday November 4

The first meeting after our exhibition. Lots of discussion about the successful venture and reviewing photos on Therese’s lap top. We did finally settle down and do some weaving and twining.

Angela brought an interesting basket she had made with a framework of thick twisted cat’s claw vine. She had woven this with the blue plastic wrappings off her newspapers.

Robyn worked with Jasmine vine which was still green and supple having been taken from a neighbour’s garden the previous weekend. She had cooked the leaves to make paper and the vine which still held onto it’s flowers, was enough to make two baskets in random weave.

George was weaving another large basket this time with a strong grape vine frame and woven with Watsonia leaves made into rope.

Glenys worked on a coiled basket of overdyed sari silk ribbon in shades of turquoise and green over sisal rope.

Mary finished off coils started by school children as part of a Community Art Project she is running in Logan this year.

Therese completed a ceramic base with plant fibre (pine needles) attached. She then began a ‘fish’ using Dracaena Draco (Dragon’s Blood) leaves as spokes and Molinaria leaves as weavers.

Jill wove a small Cornucopia style basket as a sample for her basketry workshop on December 9.

Doris made a Cornucopia style basket using Alexandra palm inflorescence spokes and banana and philodendron leaf sheaths as weavers.

Jenni began with some local Dracaena Draco leaves as spokes in 4 over 4 fashion with blond banana trunk strips as twiners. The lovely orang/red leaf heads will form a decorative rim for the basket.

Elizabeth wove her first basket with a little help from Jill. She used Jacaranda leaf spokes to form a Cornucopia shape and wove with banana and Philodendron leaf sheaths.

Megan worked on a basket using banana and palm leaf.

Floss came late after counting birds all morning. She settled down to weave more of her sculptural piece woven with sea-grass rope.

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