Basketcases – October Activities

From Jill Brose:

Our October meeting was a hive of activity as most of us worked on pieces for our exhibition at Richard Randall Art Studio.

Angela cut philodendron leaf sheaths and palm inflorescence sheaths into thin strips. The strips were knotted together to make two balls of thread. Angela then cast on 18 stitches to 3+1 knitting needles and began to knit a grub to go on the twisted vine of our wall piece in the exhibition. She had problems with the thread breaking due to very hot dry conditions on the day.

Carmel used a modified Lazy Squaw stitch to wrap her coiled basket using burgundy crystal organza. She was helped with this project by our expert wrap and coil person Glenys.

Lynda (a prospective new member) worked on a coiled basket using Lazy Squaw stitch without the decorative twist. She was also helped by Glenys.

Therese worked on a turquoise ceramic ‘rock-pool vessel’. She stitched fibre she had collected on a beach in S.A., through holes around the top of the piece. Therese has had some fibre-related work in the Stump Hill Gallery in Onkaparinga Council area, S.A. as part of the Double Vision Art Exchange with Logan City Council.

Glenys found time to work on her own coiled basket, in-between helping Carmel and Linda. She used fine strips of heavy green Kimono fabric over rope. The stitch was a modified Lazy Squaw.

Glenys Homann

Jill continued her current fascination/obsession with wire, to weave another large piece which might make it into the exhibition if there is room and if she gets it finished. This one is woven with recycled aluminium wire of different weights and is a lotus shape.

George was constructing a large hen basket, using grape vine for the frame and banana for the weavers.

Georgina Marriott

Christine had woven a water-fall shape using the whole of a large Alexandra palm inflorescence (horns and all). She had added light highlights to the fall by using strands from a different palm of a lighter colour.

Christine Butler

Tricia wrote lettering on wide paper strips which Jill will use to make a diagonal weave basket. This will be a collaborative piece for the Basket Cases exhibition in October.

Trish Smout and Jill Brose

Nat spent most of the day talking about Fibre Fest as she is the organiser of this event in March next year and there is much to do before then. Thanks Nat for taking that on!!! She did manage to do a few stitches on her eco dyed coiled fabric baskets which were very impressive.

Nat Billing

Sandra spent some time talking to people about the set up of our exhibition as she is curator of this event. Thanks to Sandra for organizing this for us, designing our invitation and getting it printed.

Floss worked on three small 4 over 4 basketry shapes, using Cat’s claw vine and banana strips. These will be the heads of grubs for our wall piece. Seems to me we will have more grubs than leaves on this piece.

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  1. Diane Scott says:

    Hi Jill, 2013 very busy at work. 2014 will be available for basketcases again. Would like to renew my membership and attend cook up. Please advise. Cheers

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