Basketcasese – June Activities

The June meeting of the Basket Cases was only a small group of seven weavers, however we all had a busy day with a wonderful lunch as always.

Doris continued to work agonizingly slowly on her basket. With luck it will be finished by Christmas. The fibres she was using at the June meeting were Alexandra palm inflorescence and banana fibre.

Jan coiled a small bowl using old paper dress patterns. The thread she had dyed with tea to give it an aged look.

Angela was making a circular basket. She began with a base of 6 over 6 spokes of cats claw vine and wove with white banana and stripes of dark banana. Her aim is to do the edging using a system learned at the basketry gathering in Canberra.

Nat pushed the definition of basketry by working on a bag made from eco dyed raw silk samples from a recent workshop.

Robyn used cardamon fibre to weave and twine a small basket.

Jill finished the random weave basket that she was weaving on Open Day. This was woven with very twisted palm inflorescence strands.

Floss made a small square basket using recycled plastic strapping. She had some difficulty working with this material as it was very stiff and slippery. (back to natural fibre next month).


SUN JULY 7 – Split Ply Twining String Dilly Bags
BYO Jute & large needle.
Floss will provide rope (let her know)
BYO ‘Fid’ tool available at Sail makers or BCF stores

SUN SEP 1 – Packing Tape Baskets
BYO blue, yellow or white tape from around boxes etc, masking tape, large box e.g. beer box or beach ball.

SUN OCT 6 – Flax flowers
See Angela.

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