Book and Paper Group – December Activities


Tricia Smout

Our final meeting in 2012 was an interesting day as usual.

Show and Tell

Alan and Yvonne had purchased an interesting collection of pop-up Christmas cards during their recent trip to Malaysia. They also showed some gift cards featuring ‘veneer work’ designs of traditional Malay clothing.

Marilena shared her 50th birthday concertina book made by her Paper Princess friends. Each person had decorated a tag with a photo of their head, and a naïve rendition of their body, and these were housed in pockets printed with verses on the theme of ‘friendship’.

Tricia displayed the books made for the recent “Seasons” bookswap – all unique and gorgeous! She brough along the nine books made for her “Environmental Elucidations” residency project in which people had decorated pages in various ways in response to the conservation theme. Tricia also proudly opened page 262 in a large tome called “Textiles” to reveal a photo of her “Cycle of Life’” hanging.

Nat has again been busy with her ‘eco brew pots’. While in Blackall she improvised a spirit stove from old tins, and experimented with bore water, which produced some very interesting results.

Sandra brought along a publication by the Papermakers of Victoria – a collection of samples and instructions of different ways of decorating and altering paper. She also showed some handmade papers and pop-up cards she purchased on a recent trip to Japan.

Our December Activity

Several people brought contributions for our ‘Oldies but Goodies’ display of favourite book-making techniques. Coptic bindings and concertina variations were popular.

Secret Santa Matchbox Swap
The results were amazing! Our members excelled themselves with their creativity.

Other things

We heard that Elaine and Carmel are slowly recovering from their recent health dramas, and we hope they’ll be back with us soon.

We welcomed Catherine as a visitor, and by the end of the day she had decided to join QSWFA on the spot!

Then we all tucked heartily into our always-delicious shared lunch, complete with some liquid Christmas Cheer.

Our first meeting for 2013 is on 11 February.

For Show and Tell, please bring along some of the wonderful creations you did you during the January Cook-up.

For our activity, we are having a “swap/give-away/sell day” so hopefully, over the Christmas break, everyone has done a big spring clean (well, actually a ‘summer-clean’).

If you want to sell things, please mark the prices and bring a pot for your monetary takings. We’ll have to make sure we put all the things that are being given away on a separate table!

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