Book and Paper Group – June Activities

Karin’s lovely “Creature Comforts” book was made using the Japanese screen binding technique.

Joan showed the first book she ever made – rusted paper pages with a celtic binding.

Yvonne has continued working on her Project 22 challenge. She has now added a book about the 2011 floods, with her words written on teabags and mounted on black pages, in a piano-hinge binding. She also made a box to protect her Queenslander cottage which she showed last month.

Nat showed the new books she has purchased for the QSWFA library, and she also displayed the fabric she eco-dyed in a workshop with India Flint.

Susan was able to join us because she didn’t have to work on the public holiday. We were all very impressed to see her interpretation for our Bag of Bits challenge. While the rest of us are still procrastinating and puzzling over how best to incorporate the thirty disparate elements we received last month, Susan has actually finished! Her storyboard collage depicts the knight (who has returned from the crusades) waiting at the castle gates for his lady. She is surrounded by the letters they have exchanged via the carrier pigeon, who is sitting on the window ledge (what a creative way to incorporate that fluffy yellow Easter chicken!)

This was a chance to experimenting with shellac, after our discussions in May. Everyone had a chance to try coating their collages (with or without graphite added to the shellac). Another option was applying bitumen mixed in turps. To get that lovely sheen, after the shellac-ed collages are completely dry, everyone will have to spend some time polishing them with a soft cloth. Hopefully we’ll see them back for Show and Tell in July.

Sandra Pearce will tell us about her residency in Blackall.

After lunch, Judy and Marilena will show us how to use decorative serviettes in artwork. As well as watching the demonstration of various techniques, if you want to try some yourself, here’s what to bring:

  • any decorative serviettes you have (there will be some available on the day, kindly donated by Judy)
  • some surface to decorate – this could be a piece of card or matt board, or a papier mâché box (from shops like Spotlight), or other surfaces to cover
  • PVA glue and a bottle to store the watered-down glue
  • an old paintbrush to apply the glue
  • plastic to protect your table area

There are still a few vacancies in the afternoon session (12 noon – 1.30pm) on Monday 29th July to view artist books at the State Library. Contact Marilena to secure your spot.

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