Book and Paper Group – May Activities


Tricia Smout

Wendy created two stab-stitched books, one as a sampler of tea staining and tea bags using all the parts, and the other with various effects from fruit infusion bags. She also made a small pamphlet stitched book which had a cover made from our Fibrefest postcard, and vellum pockets to hold mementos of Fibrefest.

Carmel showed a greeting card and matching envelope which featured an image of a ball of wool.

Heather used different types of teabags to create a range of interesting colours on unsized recycled paper. She had also made a concertina book from envelopes, with different ways of inserting the pages.

Karin showed some coasters she had purchased at Bangalow which were made from old school records.

Sandra brought the framed gelli-prints she is selling in a shop at West End, and also the interesting scoring tool she had purchased.

Lots of people have signed up to join our “Bag of Bits” exchange.

At the May meeting we will all be bringing 31 identical (or almost identical) items as our contributions. At that meeting we’ll re-package them so everyone gets a piece from everyone else. If you can’t get to the May meeting to personally deliver your items, please arrange to get them to someone else beforehand, and Tricia will keep your bag safe until we next see you.

We enjoyed looking at a great range of ‘books with pockets’. Thanks to everyone who brought along examples.

  • Brown paper bags (opened either at the top or sides) and envelopes sewn in as signatures make great pockets
  • Corners of pages can be folded up, and stitched in place or fastened with brads
  • The sides of pages can be stitched by hand or machine
  • Origami fold pockets can be glued or stitched to the page
  • The bottom edge of a long concertina can be folded up to create pockets
  • Pockets can be created by attaching commercial packets to the page (e.g. envelopes, tea bag outers, etc)
  • Folded covers used as signatures and sewn together into a book

After this, Sandra demonstrated the technique for creating a book using DL envelopes (photo). This was a ‘two for the price of one’ class, because we used the piano-hinge technique to join them together. After our delicious shared lunch, everyone put their heads down and beavered away decorating their envelopes with stamped images and collage, then making them into books. Thanks so much Sandra for finding time to organise this activity for us when you are so busy!

Piano-hinge envelopes

We will be looking at ways to use Shellac. We want everyone to contribute ideas, rather than just leaving it up to one or two of our members. So please do one (or more) of the following:

  • If you have ever used shellac (in any way, in any project, combined with other materials) please being along samples or photos.
  • Bring along any books you have which describe techniques which incorporate shellac.
  • If you can’t do either of these, please research some information on the internet or in library books so you can participate in this sharing of ideas.
  • Bring some different types of paper for experimenting, and an apron (and old paint brushes and empty glass jars if possible)

We will be visiting the State Library to view some artist books on Monday 29th July.

There will be 2 groups: 10 – 11.30am and 12 – 1.30pm, with a maximum of 15 people in each, and the list is filling fast, so please contact Marilena to secure your spot.

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