Book and Paper Group – October Activities

From Tricia Smout:

Not so many members attended our October meeting … some lucky ones are travelling overseas and others are busy preparing for upcoming exhibitions. We wish a speedy recovery to our members who are unwell.

Show And Tell

Eco-dyeing was “flavour of the month” this time.

Carmel showed a card made by gently hammering fresh Grevillea flowers onto watercolour paper – a beautifully delicate effect.
Wendy brought fabric and paper dyed using frozen irises and pansies which created gorgeously rich shades of purples. She had also printed with fresh iris flowers.
Annette had experimented with lichen on paper.
Nat is producing amazing prints from her ‘eco-brew’ pots with clear and detailed impressions of ferns and other leaves in a great variety of greens and browns.
We discussed related issues like the colour-fastness of these floral dyes and the possible need to use mordants or fixatives.

Lena displayed a book made with embroidered pages – five different variations of five different stitches, plus one of her own choice. The embroidered fabric panels were attached to the pages of a children’s board book. This was created in an ATASDA workshop tutored by Carolyn Foley from the Embroiderers’ Guild.
Isn’t it great that all our craft groups are so interconnected?

Speaking of which, Lena coordinates the Brisbane Visual Arts Community, which unites many groups (including QSWFA). Please support their ART in ACTION day on 10th November from 11am to 3pm in the cellar at the Polo Club, 1 Eagle St, Brisbane (parking at Eagle St Pier for $10).

And here’s another segue (I’ve only just learned how to spell this wonderful word!) … you can combine your trip to the Polo Club with a visit to the opening of Tricia’s residency exhibition (2pm on 10 November) … or come any other day from 6 – 14 November, Richard Randall Art Studio. There are invitations on the front table at Fibrecraft House.

Nat is coordinating Fibrefest 2013, and she encouraged our group to submit lots of entries.

Jill promoted her upcoming Basketry workshop.

Our October Activity

Tricia brought three different types of folded covers with pockets, and everyone made samples to take home. Tricia also showed examples of some of the possibilities and variations for these.

Jill demonstrated yet another no-glue cover and everyone made one of these as well.

Our November Meeting

At our next meeting Kym will demonstrate another book technique she learned at the Keith Smith workshop. Please bring your usual book-making equipment and A4 paper.

Future Plans

Christmas meeting

As well as our Secret Santa swap (something that fits in a decorated matchbox or similar-sized container), and a delicious Christmas lunch, we are having an ‘Oldies but Goodies’ show and tell. Many of our newer group members haven’t seen some of the many things we’ve done over the past 12 years, so please bring 2-3 of your treasures from the past, some of the books you’ve made that you really love.

January Cook-up

The dates are 4, 5, 6 and 7 January so mark your diaries now.
Please contact Jill if you are able to conduct a short activity on one of these days, or if you have suggestions for something specific you’d like to do.

February meeting 2013
We are having a “swap/give-away/sell day” for our first meeting of the year. After your spring clean and Christmas break, there should be plenty of things you will be able to bring, and you’ll be able to give a new home to lots of others!

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