Book and Paper Group – September Activities


Tricia Smout


Lyn B showed a Chinese book she had purchased, hand-painted with storks, and also a small children’s book.

Di mentioned an article in the August “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine with instructions for upcycling and altering books, and she showed one she had made.

Sue has made some lovely journal covers from vintage linens and laces (and she’d love more donations of old doileys, laces, etc)

Yvonne showed the books and cases she had made at Adele Outteridge’s class at TAA.

Annette had made a lovely little book with pages held in place by long threads over the spine.

Joan has completed her “Bag of Bits” project – an intricate sculptural piece with the peg as a caterpillar, and spirals as snails.

Elizabeth has also finished her B-o-B … a wall hanging entitled “The Stuff of Life”, with the 30 objects mounted onto hessian, and linked by a twisting cord.

Ann has also been diligent, and her B-o-B has become a concertina book, with the gumnuts used as stamps.

Lyn R showed cut-out bookmarks and a calendar from her recent trip to France, and some new books she has purchased.

Wendy D has made a circular book with piano hinge spine and eco-dyed pages.

Sandra showed her rubber block carvings of local birds, and these same images printed on cards which will be for sale at her “Branching Out” exhibition.

Tricia brought her “Project 22” entry, entitled “Pockets of Memory” with four books detailing her love/hate relationship with the Brisbane River. She invited all QSWFA members to come to the ATASDA meeting on 14 September at Lavalla Centre (Paddington) to see the completed projects from her 2012 Residency.


Jan Pearce and Yvonne Ritson showed us a technique for making a paper slip-on cover for handmade books using no glue or stitching. After our delicious shared lunch, they explained how to tear a sheet of paper to make pages for the book they had constructed at Adele Outteridge’s class at TAA.






We will look at various methods for making your own stamps and simple relief printing blocks (lino-cutting, eraser carving, etc). Anyone who has experience with any carving techniques, or has examples to show, please bring them along … the more the merrier! You can just watch the demonstrations, but if you’d like to participate, please bring the following:

  • rubber block to carve (e.g. plastic erasers for small stamps, or Ezi-carve block for larger stamps – sold in art shops)
  • craft knife (for cutting the erasers)
  • paper to print on (e.g. cartridge, handmade paper, coloured paper)
  • pencils and pen
  • a simple image to use for your stamp (e.g. bird, leaf) … some examples will be available
  • newspaper
  • old rags

If you have any of these, please bring them to share with the group (put your name on them!)

  • stamp pad (for printing smaller stamps)
  • lino-cutting/wood cutting tools (sold for under $10 in art shops)
  • rubber rollers
  • simple designs (something without too much fiddly detail)

Each year we make something to swap at our Christmas meeting in as a Secret Santa type of exchange.
The topic we have chosen for 2013 is “Christmas-themed decorated words”. This can be any size, and you can use any construction technique (book, card, wreath, table sculpture, bag, etc) but please incorporate “book” or “paper” in some way (after all, we are the ”Book & Paper group”!) …. and enjoy the challenge of making something creative which uses decorative lettering with a Christmas theme.
So start thinking about this now, and if you want to participate, bring your contribution to our December meeting.

14 October: we will investigate mail art and black-out poetry. Lena will bring the Project 22 artworks for display.
11 November: the topic will be woven bindings.
9 December: a display of hundreds of hand-made Christmas cards, a festive lunch and the “decorated words” exchange. We’ll also bring our completed “Bag of Bits” projects for a ‘group viewing’ (or at least any that are finished by then!)

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