Experimental Dyers – June Activities

The topic for our June meeting was Transfer Printing.

Marian Cockett did a truly amazing job hosting the activity. She had spent many hours testing various transfer dyes and crayons on all sorts of synthetic fabrics, and she also prepared detailed notes for us.
Marian explained the processes very clearly and showed us many different tools and techniques for creating interesting designs, including stencils, stamps, rubbings and cut paper shapes.
It can be confusing for beginners because the colours when painted on the paper in no way resemble the way they print on the fabrics, so Marian’s colour wheels and her samples comparing paper and print were a great resource.
After this comprehensive introduction, we all launched confidently into our own experimenting with some really great results. Our newly-acquired ironing press got a great workout, and really proved its worth!

Tess showed a beautifully-crafted dress and wrap she had made, which was embellished with garlands of transfer-printed flowers. Felicity displayed the fabrics she had printed in a workshop with Marie-Therese Wisniowski, in which over-printings produced subtle layers of colour.

What a wonderfully inspiring morning we all had. It was such a successful day that we have decided to continue with transfer printing next month.

Many thanks to Marian for so generously sharing all her knowledge.

Tricia Smout

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