Felters – December Activities

Jonna and Robyn had been busy and brought in many pieces for show and tell: a patchwork felt piece, lattice scarf, shibori bubble pink collar and various nuno scarves.

Robyn tamed the electric carder and proceeded to work a pile of purple wool into useable batts.

Dora came to our meeting for the first time (after several years of absence from QSWFA). She bee-lined herself into the Emporium to stock up on “what one must have”. As she was keen to learn how to use the electric carder, she watched as Robyn carded her own wool.

Sandy was the only one who undertook a largish project. She had a white pashmima which she wanted to embellish with wool and silk hankies. After a bit of discussion about the tightness of the weave, and the proposed colour scheme, she was convinced that it should be a white on white piece. Geraldine helped train a light layer of white wool fibres onto the fabric, keeping them in one direction to control the shrinkage.

Jonna made several red flowers, 6 in total, each one a different shape.

Geraldine focused on some crochet work in her spare time.

Lili made a turquoise bangle from a coil of woollen dreads.

Pam TS made a flower using designer fabric as one of the layers.

Visnja joined us and treated us to bite size nibbles.

Robert dropped in for quick merry Xmas and agreed to host another hat demonstration at the next February meeting.

We had a lovely group lunch with bubbles provided by Sandy. We noted that the entry forms for Fibrefest were due by February 8th which is before our next felting meeting, and that exhibition items will need to be received at QSWFA by 16th of February.

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