Felters – August Activities

Felters Interest Group – 8 August 2013

From Lili Haas:

Naomi was intrigued with the results of her Rothko-esque wall hanging last month and decided to play with this idea some more. This time she decided to make a dark olive “eucalyptus” base and place blocks of earthy tones on top – colours ranged from muted browns, yellow, orange, mustard to olive – very much an outback colour theme. She hoped that the dark base would not impose too much on the lighter colours on top. She created the neatest edges I have seen in a long time.

Geraldine was spoiling her grand-daughter Charlotte again. This time she was crocheting a “kindy blanket” in bright colours, so that the “good blanket” would not be tortured by the other kids at kindy. Interestingly, Charlotte had requested a blanket with holes in it, so that her little fingers could grab the blanket and pull it up to cover herself. It is interesting that little people have ideas about design and function too.

Robert brought along an unfinished fascinator and sought some ideas on which cup shaped base to use. We thought that the elastic under the chin variety was least appealing. Robert then proceeded to burn holes into hand-made silk leaves and played with ideas for another hat based on an aluminium wire basin shape. Intriguing ideas.

August Robert burnt leaves

Siobhan brought along a bucket full of handmade soaps which she covered with colourful wisps of wool. These felted soap balls will find lucky homes at some point in time.

Vivienne was making a large baby blanket for a friend. It had a white border around a pink centre and also featured some zig-zag patterning and embellishments in one corner. She carefully rolled it up and planned to finish it at home.

Aine showcased a Gatsby-esque emerald green hat adorned with peacock and cobalt feathers – very chic. She also brought along a white nuno cape made of a loosely woven fabric – it featured a lovely folded back collar and wool swirls which gave an intriguing ropey look on the inside. Anje proceeded to cut out lots of bubble wrap donut shapes to be used as resists for some white flowers which were going to adorn the cape.

August Aine Hat

August Aine White Cape

Lili did a show and tell of the eco printed nuno felt garment she made at Pam de Groots Freedom Construction workshop held at Wendy Bailye’s studio. She also showed various eco printed scarves and wraps and wore an eco printed milkymerino vest made on the bias which gave it a lovely drape.

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  1. Carol Wills says:

    I am interested in learning how to felt and then the art of incorporating silk and other textiles into designs.
    Can you advise if there any classes being held in Brisbane or websites I can follow up on.
    Thank you.

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