Felters – June Activities

A quiet group of five felters attended the meeting.

Geraldine was commissioned by Charlotte (her grand-daughter) to make a bespoke pink and purple blanket for her dolls. The request had been for a “oh no, not a plain blanket”. A delightful combination of pink and lavender wools were laid out and overlain with pink dots and sparkly tasselled fabric. The young lady should be pleased.

Dora was keen to explore the technique that Wendy Bailye had outlined in her recent newsletter. She laid out a batt (2m long x 1m wide) carded in colours of blue-red-orange and overlaid this with a silk chiffon scarf and then some pointy petalled flowers.

Rosa worked with the blue-green colours of Treetops Monsoon. She laid out a rectangle and embellished it with yarns. The piece was going to be an extension to an existing Monsoon scarf.

Vivienne joined us, and having recently attended a Raewyn Penrose workshop, she was inspired to make a double scarf (2 layers when finished) for a friend. She worked with two tones of red (Wildfire and Turkish Red) and added some darker wool in one corner as a feature.

Lili was messing about with a piece of dark fuchsia kangaroo leather. She cut the entire piece into a single strand of thonging, approximately 1cm wide and 19m long. It looked like a pile of fettuccine waiting to be knitted or crocheted – into a necklace maybe.

Thankyou Geraldine for the carrot cake.

The Bribie Island Exhibition for the month of August has been confirmed and we need to make and exhibit as much work as possible. Items can be for sale (20% commission) or exhibit only. All Felters – consider putting some work into the exhibition – it is a way of promoting your own work as well as QSWFA.

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