Felters – May Activities

Felters Interest Group – 9 May 2013

Eight felters attended the meeting. There as much excitement from Pam C and Robin who had both attended the 3-day Harvey Bay Spinners and Weavers camp, where they had attended several workshops. The camp was given the thumbs up.

There was a selection of show and tell: Pam’s wide-brimmed blue hat made at Harvey Bay; Robin’s pale pink and taupe coloured wrap plus many colourful Procion-dyed pieces of fabric (also made at the camp); and Robert’s silk paper hat, vine leaf lariat, felted green boots and various dyed fabric pieces one with large stamp and postcard transfers on them.

Lili had been asked to see whether the Felters Banner, hanging in the hall, could be spruced up. After washing it several times and leaving it to dry on a red towel, it was evident that it still had some life left in it – especially on a red background. Lili established that it had been made in 2001 under Phillipa’s guidance for the Caloundra Felters Convergence. Phillipa, Wendy B, Robert, Tricia S and unknown others had been involved in its making. As part of its rejuvenation, Lili made a red background and stitched the banner and flowers into place. The results were applauded by the Felters at the meeting, especially as it is part of our group’s history.

Naomi, who is between jobs, had the opportunity to join us. She started making buntings using a white prefelt base and embellishing it with undyed fleece and various coloured mohair curls.

Pam C was making a purple-pink-blue-green variegated hat using one of Robert’s hat templates – the one with a peak. Also, thanks Pam for bringing in a healthy cake for morning tea.

Sandy embarked on making a camera and glasses cases from lime green, olive and mustard wool and further embellished with dark green yak. She spent considerable time hardening the handles.

Aine used a large white loosely woven gauze wrap as the starting point for a nuno wrap, which she embellished with swirls of white wool.

Geraldine started with a 2m long green and pink piece of silk georgette and covered it with the soft pink and sage colours of Desert Sage and Coastal Heath wool top. She was undecided whether to leave it as is, or to cut it up for another project.

Robert felted onto coiled aluminium wire and included unusual artefacts such as bottle tops. He is always bending the wire and our horizons.

Robin arrived late, showed us all the dyed fabrics and felt she had made at Harvey Bay, and spread her enthusiasm for dyeing.

The new library layout impressed all those that ventured that far – Well Done Nat and Floss!!

We were reminded that the exhibition at Bribie Island in August needs lots of exhibits – now is the time to start making them.

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