Felters – October Activities

From Lili Haas:

Visnja had crocheted a blue clutch bag in a beautiful diamond pattern. We cannot wait to see it when it is lined and a handle attached. She also showed us a selection of stick pins which she had embellished with various buttons, glass and metal beads. These were snapped up by those attending. A bargain!

Geraldine brought along her photo album and her dyed mosaic wrap (made in a Pam de Groot workshop). The main side showed all the shibori patterns and contrasting colours, whilst the reverse side was more subdued and dreamy giving her a reversible wrap option. She also showed us her very exquisite 18 carrot necklace – a birthday present.

Lisa had made a vivid scarf in colours of purple, magenta, pink and lime green (Treetops Spring Swing). The splotch effect was very bright and cheery.

Then it was on to the business of making new stuff for the 10 members in attendance:

Iris was “messing about with a bag”, but first she had to card some blue and white fleece using the drum carder. She kindly showed Lili how to operate the drum carder and gave her some useful tips.

Visnja was making a sample using gold coloured mesh on gold coloured wool. If this combination is successful, then she hopes to make a gold crown. Sounds theatrical !

Sandy undertook a large project. Realising that she needed more bubble wrap, she went and purchased some and then commenced making a nuno top in shades of blues (Treetops Southern Seas) with a large resist between the layers.

Lisa continued with the Spring Swing theme and started making a sushi roll necklace to match the scarf.

Glynnis laid out a felt bag using an internal resist. It had a white lining, a dark brown exterior and was embellished with natural coloured slivers of fleece.

Leith (a friend of Glynnis) was knitting a pair of small socks and there was some discussion about the medieval merits of one pattern vs another. It was like listening to a foreign language.

Robyn popped in, returned the hat block to the library, and showed us some silk treasures from her op-shopping. She then raced off to see the ATASDA exhibition at Paddington.

Geraldine laid out a mosaic of purple felts and then continued to do some freeform crochet to link the pieces together. The end product will be a small shoulder wrap perhaps.

Lili weighed out small quantities of green and blue wool and then undertook to colour blend them. An attempt was made using the drum carder (with Iris’s help), but Lili decided that it was an overkill for these small quantities and reverted to bashing the wool with hand carders instead.

Robert popped in for a short time and did some shibori tie-ing. He showed us some driftwood that he had collected, sanded and cleaned up which he planned to use in sculptural pieces. Some of us had driftwood envy.

Nat dropped in and gave us an update on Fibre Fest 2013. We need lots of exhibition items and demonstrators to showcase our group.

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