Saturday talk – March 5th


“You can’t just say dry clean only!”

Member Yvonne Ritson will be giving our monthly talk for March 5th, all about the general legal requirement for care labeling of clothing and accessories for items that are sold in markets, shops and our fundraising events.

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Beginning Spinning – Sunday, April 10

QSWFA are excited to offer Beginning Spinning with Karen Alpert!


Date: Sunday, April 10, 2016
Time: 9am-4pm
Place: Fibrecraft House – 12 Payne St, Auchenflower
Cost: $95 for non-members, $85 for members PLUS $5 for materials

Karen will cover the basics of spinning wool fibres on a spinning wheel. If you don’t have a spinning wheel of your own, you can use one of ours!

Places are limited, to register please contact the office or phone (07) 3371 0009.

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Linda Carroli – Saturday, Feb 6

As a member of Harbinger Consultants, Linda Carroli is used to facilitating large scale projects. As a result of a personal experience she has been inspired to create, with the help of several local artists, a tactile artwork for a local hospital’s dementia unit. Such artworks can provide helpful cognitive and sensory stimulation for patients.

Invited by QSWFA member Nat Billing, who is one of the participating artists, Linda has kindly agreed to speak at our first Saturday meeting on the inspiration and experience of the project. Join us on Saturday, Feb 6, at 10:30am for what will be a fascinating talk.

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Cook Up 2016

QSWFA 2016 kicked off as usual with the 4 day extravaganza that is “Cook Up”. For those who came late, Cook Up is the brain child of Jill Brose and Tricia Smout, and whereas Camp is predominantly the domain of Spinners and Knitters, Cook Up is driven by the Book and Paper Group. It is an opportunity for members to gather at the start of the year and make and prepare papers to use in projects in the upcoming year, or as in my case, try to finish projects from 3 years ago! Jill and Tricia bring a plethora of books to inspire, just in case you can’t find exactly what you are after in the library, and 3 work stations run all weekend.

The Rusting Statirusting stationon is Jill’s baby. Anyone who knows Jill will know of her love for rusty, earthy colours. These colours are produced on paper by dipping the page in 3 different solutions: strong tea, caustic soda and ferrous sulphate. How long you dip in each, and whether you partially or completely submerge the paper creates the different colours and patterns.The weekend began sedately enough with just A4 pages passing through the trays as instructed. Then the pages started to get bigger, and then the fabric appeared, followed by yarn and wooden skewers. The less said about the resin house the better…

rainbowMeanwhile at the next table Yvonne (AKA Lil Miss Rainbow) was showing participants how to turn humble tea bags into mini stained glass panels.  All weekend this table was occupied with people folding and dunking tea bags.  For this activity you need dried tea bags which have been opened out flat. (Yvonne is the only person I know keen enough to iron said tea bags!)  You then fold them shibori style, fasten with a paper clip and soak them in water.  Once they are wet through you can dip them into 1-3 of the dye colours provided.  Once dry and opened Hey Presto! You have mini stained glass windows!  They are particularly popular for covering boxes with, and although most participants began modestly with small boxes, like the rusting station the projects quickly grew in scale!

paperEach day an activity is also offered for those wanting to learn new skills.  On Friday Heather and Tricia led participants in origami activities.  Heather taught the ladies how to make origami umbrella earrings and afterwards Tricia taught the group how to make gift boxes with ornate origami lids.  On Saturday Joanna Faber taught everyone how to make embossed and textured paper using pulp made from recycled paper and cardboard. It was a long, hot day out in the wet area so all involved would like to thank Joanna for her tireless and selfless work!

Sunday morning Lyn Rushby showed us 6 different projects for repurposing old books and magazines.  Unfortunately Lyn used her Librarian voice on one wayward participant resulting in the whole group getting a contagious fit of the schoolgirl giggles.  More unfortunately the most incriminating moments weren’t captured on video!

On Monday Wendy Drake showed us a book structure made from origami envelopes, so we could start putting to use some of that paper we had spent the weekend decorating.  All in all a wonderful weekend.  Thank you to all our tutors: Heather, Joanna, Lyn and Wendy for sharing your knowledge so generously.  And THANK YOU to Tricia, Yvonne and Yvonne for making this wonderful event such a huge success!  At least 2 lapsed memberships were renewed and $250 was raised to buy new books for the library. The only thing left to say is: See you all again next year!

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AGM Proxy Form


Hello current financial members!

Our AGM will be held Saturday, September 5, and in order to achieve a quorum we must have 40 attendees/proxy vote forms.

If you are unavailable for the meeting, please complete the proxy form (link below) and send it in to the office no later than Thursday, September 3. This is your chance to vote on new board members and any other general business of the group, so take advantage of it!

You can email the form or post it in, or drop it into the office in person, whatever works!

Proxy and Board Nomination Form

Any questions, please contact the office.

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